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February 28, 2008


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I love shoes. Well, I think everyone does. It is important though to choose the right one. The fit really matters. I hated those nightmares of ingrowns and dead toenail. Yaiks!

Many people measure someone’s richest or wealth by the shoes he/she wears. I don’t think that’s fair though. What do you think?


February 25, 2008

Your car and you

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Everyone has a dream car. Men and women alike love cars. Men can trade their girlfriends with their cars (not all I guess). Some men call them “babies” or “toys”. Men with cars are hot and gorgeous. Women with cars are sexy and sophisticated. What’s interesting about this is the type of car you like or have reflects your personality. Ever thought about that? 🙂 Actually got a new quote for this. “Show me your car and I’ll tell you who you are.” Haha!  Sports car, Luxury car, Smart Cars, Adventure cars..which one are you? 🙂

Making Choices

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We all make choices every day. Some choices are a matter of life and death. A lot of the choices we make usually affect  our future. It is therefore crucial to think twice or thrice before making decisions. Take risks but consider a lot of things first. Think about your family. Think about the people around you. Think about your future. Think about the next generation.

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